A.W. Van Winkle & Co Est. 1692 Testimonials

They are very helpful and knowledgeable.

The best there is.

Mark Ault

I worked with Tom and the staff at A.

W. Van Winkle for about a year. I was very happy working with them they were knowledgeable and experienced. I highly recommend A.W. Van Winkle and their services.

Jacquelyn Lawson

Our Realtor at A.

W. Van Winkle & Co. was so amazing, he had very good real estate experience and I recommend him.

Mamie Page

Working with A.

W. Van Winkle & Co. was a very good experience. whenever we called our realtor or had a question he was always available and very attentive to our needs. We highly recommend their services.

Hazel Harper


W. Van Winkle & Co and everyone who works here are very knowledgeable.

Laurie Ross


W Van Winkle is a very experienced real estate agency in the Rutherford, NJ area. I have been working with him for years and highly recommend his service to anyone in the area.

Kim Chang

Everyone at A.

W. Van Winkle is great, their team works so hard for you and every time I have used them I have been satisfied. I will continue to go to them as long as I am in the area. I would recommend them to anyone in the area to use.

Frank Bates

I worked with Tom and he was so knowledgeable of the area.

Ryan Miller


W. Van Winkle & Co. is great I would recommend them over anyone. I have used them twice now and both times they have provided me with the utmost excellent service. I would again use them if I had to and I suggest that to anyone else.

Richard Cole

I heard about A.

W. Van Winkle & Co.through my daughter. They provided great service and I would definitely work with them again because my overall experience was pretty exceptional.

Joel Angle

A W Van Winkle definitely deserves 5 out of 5 stars!

Without any hesitation I say that A. W. Van Winkle is the best realtor in Rutherford.

Marcy Westwood


W. Van Winkle & Co. do an awesome job. They have been incredibly helpful throughout the who process and really have a wealth of knowledge about the area and the market. I definitely recommend working with them.

Brad Hartley

I have lived in New Jersey all of my life and I wouldn't recommend any other realtor or real estate company.

A.W. Van Winkle & Co. is the best hands down.

Mildred Frank

I could always count on Tom and the staff at A.

W. Van Winkle to be available when I needed them. I enjoyed working with A.W. Van Winkle and I highly recommend A.W. Van Winkle.

Jamie Wikowski


W. Van Winkle has a great reputation within the community and after working with him I can honestly say he is the best in town. I highly recommend the real estate services that A.W. Van Winkle provides.

Kristin Ingram

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